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Lisa Hits Out at ‘Gross Inequality’ at the Heart of Tory Transport Strategy

Wigan MP Demands Urgent Investment

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has hit out at the Government’s transport strategy after new figures showed that the Tories are spending more than six times as much on projects in London than in the North West.

Analysis by the respected think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research, shows that the Department for Transport will spend £289 per person in the North West over the next four years which contrasts sharply with a figure of £1,870 per person in London.

Indeed, more taxpayer cash is being spent on one single project in London, Crossrail, than in the entire North of England. Speaking about the shocking figures, Wigan MP Lisa Nandy said: “These figures are a slap in the face for people in communities like Wigan. We now need urgent assurances about HS3 and a firm commitment to end this gross inequality at the heart of the Tories transport strategy.”

 Click here to read the full report.

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Visit to the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

Lisa visited the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary last week for a meeting with senior managers and a tour of the hospital. Speaking about the visit, Lisa said: “It was great to visit Wigan Infirmary last Friday to meet some of the inspiring staff and talk about the incredible work they do on our behalf. Big thank you to Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.”

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Wigan MP Demands Assurances as Northern Powerhouse “Scrapped”


Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has written to Andrew Percy, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, demanding assurances about planned investment in Wigan following reports that the new Government is scrapping the Northern Powerhouse. The scheme was championed by ex-Chancellor George Osborne as a response to the lack of investment in the North of England.

The new Prime Minister raised concerns over the future of the Northern Powerhouse programme by refusing to commit to its future when asked about it by MPs.

Greater Manchester was the first area to be granted new powers and the city-region has invested time and money developing plans for how public services will be run.

The Prime Minister’s remarks also throw into doubt major infrastructure investments such as HS2, HS3 and other transport schemes that had been planned to boost the economy in the region.

Lisa said: “The Northern Powerhouse project was the Government’s only response to years of underinvestment in the North of England. If the new Prime Minister has pulled the rug out from under this project she needs to explain to people in Wigan what plan the Government has to boost our economy and give us the powers we need to make decisions locally.

“It makes no sense for decisions about local services and local investment to be made hundreds of miles away in London. I’ve written to the Northern Powerhouse Minister to demand answers following today’s reports. Our regional economy will be seriously harmed by this sort of dithering, uncertainty and delay.”


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Statement on Trident

I voted against the government’s motion on trident renewal earlier this month and I wanted to set out why.

Last time Trident renewal was before the House of Commons in 2007 the then Secretary of State, Margaret Beckett set out clear plans towards multilateral disarmament as part of the condition for renewing trident.

She said: the judgment we made 40 years ago that the eventual abolition of nuclear weapons was in all of our interests is just as true today as it was then.

The motion we were asked to consider set out the government’s position in favour of full trident renewal on the basis that it remains as essential to our security today as it has for 60 years “and for as long as the global security situation demands”.

During the debate I tried to press the new Prime Minister on the meaning of the statement “for as long as the global security situation demands” but she refused to allow me to intervene.

Although the coalition government made some progress on reducing nuclear warheads, this open ended commitment to renewing trident in any circumstances suggests this new government has all but abandoned any leadership on multilateral disarmament.

The motion asked us to support “the Government’s commitment to continue work towards a safer and more stable world, pressing for key steps towards multilateral disarmament.” I was able to set out my wish to hear a clear plan on this during the debate, but neither Theresa May nor her defence secretary did so.

Instead she talked about defending the UK against “future nuclear threats that we cannot even anticipate today” which suggests that the government remains committed to nuclear weapons in any circumstances.

We have seen before what happens when the international rules are not respected, as with the Iraq War. In 1968 we made a commitment to countries that did not have nuclear weapons that they would not seek to acquire them on the understanding that we would pledge not to attack them with nuclear weapons, and that we would take steps towards multilateral disarmament.

Abandoning this commitment puts us in breach of those obligations leaving the UK and the world less safe.

I have listened to the arguments for and against trident carefully over the last year, considering security, cost, technology and important considerations about jobs. I believe the UK’s commitment to multilateral disarmament is crucial to our collective safety and to the ethical approach that ought to underpin our foreign policy.

I am not a unilateralist, but I do believe we have an obligation to show leadership and as Beckett said, “reignite a vision of a world free of nuclear weapons”. In both its actions and words so far, Theresa May’s government has shown no sign of honouring that commitment and so I voted against the motion last week.

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We’ve got to heal these divisions

Last week, Lisa met up with Owen Jones to talk about the future of the Labour Party.

You can watch a video of the interview by clicking here.

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Emergency Talks on School Closure

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy and Shevington Councillors Damian Edwardson, Paul Collins and Mike Crosby held an emergency meeting this week with officers from Wigan Council about proposals to close a primary school in Shevington.

Crunch talks took place at Wigan Town Hall on Friday afternoon to address the concerns of parents who are deeply worried about the impact a school closure will have on the local community.

A consultation which proposes that one of the three primary schools will close, despite significant planned housing development in the area. Parents have also expressed concerns about the impact on traffic during the school run and safety issues as more children try to access the schools.

Lisa Nandy MP said: “It is vital that parents’ concerns are listened to at this early stage, before the Council sets down a path that is irreversible. Parents are understandably worried about disruption to their children’s education and are asking that the Council have thoroughly assessed the potential impact on families and the accuracy of their projections, especially in light of the planned housebuilding programme. The officers were open to this, and have promised to go back and consider the points we raised.”

In a joint statement after meeting, Shevington Ward Councillors Paul Collins, Mike Crosby and Damian Edwardson said: “One of our biggest concerns has been making sure that the officers are aware of and listening to the valid concerns being raised by parents. Closing a school should be the last option in any consultation and we must make sure that every possible solution has been considered before a decision is made. We are not confident in projected numbers and we do not want to find ourselves with a shortage of school places in the future because of this. We have to make sure the Council get this right.”

A consultation about the provision of primary school places in Shevington is currently on-going and will close on the 24th July. Anyone who wishes to respond to the consultation can go to the Wigan Council website:

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MPs Considering all Options After Arriva Fail to Address Passengers’ Concerns

Meeting Ends In Turmoil After It Emerges Changes Planned in 2014

MPs with constituencies served by the Southport to Manchester rail service were left furious after a meeting with train operator Arriva Northern last Friday (1st July) when it became clear Arriva had no intention of finding a way of saving the Piccadilly-Airport link from being axed in December 2017.

Wigan and Makerfield MPs Lisa Nandy and Yvonne Fovargue were joined at the meeting by Southport MP John Pugh and West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper along with Shevington Ward Councillor Damian Edwardson to discuss the concerns of passengers who have complained about proposed changes to services into Manchester.

The plan to direct all services through Manchester Victoria – which would mean trains from Southport will no longer go to Deansgate, Oxford Rd, Piccadilly and Manchester Airport – has caused outrage among those who regularly travel to Manchester city centre for work, education, business and leisure.  Currently Manchester bound services alternate between Victoria and Piccadilly, but because rail chiefs want to run new services from other towns to the airport, the majority (over 60%) of commuters to Manchester from stations between Southport and Wigan face losing direct train links to Deansgate, Oxford Rd and Piccadilly stations.

MPs have been contacted by passengers alarmed at the prospect of longer journeys to get into work and changing trains to Piccadilly and the airport. A major concern has been the uncertainty in making a rail connection, especially at busy peak periods in the evening.

There was further anger after it emerged that passengers affected by the changes had not been consulted, despite the plans being drawn up as early as 2014. Arriva were also accused of sending mixed messages about the possibility of revising the proposals and trying to escape responsibility for the matter by highlighting the role of Rail North and the Department for Transport.

Commenting on the meeting, Wigan MP Lisa Nandy said: “This meeting was a chance to reach a compromise but it soon became apparent that Arriva were there to defend the current proposals rather than explore alternative options. These plans were drawn up in secret with no public consultation before the bid was granted and I am now working with other MPs to investigate whether this deal complies with regulatory requirements and to consider all available options.”

Yvonne Fovargue MP said: “Under these proposals longer journey times and changing trains are the price that my constituents will have to pay and it is not acceptable. The meeting was a sham with no attempt to find a solution. I am not prepared to allow passengers from Hindley and Wigan to be the ‘sacrificial lambs’ for changes to services elsewhere.”




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Wigan MP Demands Action to Relieve Pressure on Wigan Infirmary

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has demanded action from the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt after Wigan’s Accident and Emergency Department was forced to turn away anyone not suffering from a life threatening emergency.

Hospital bosses at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary made the announcement early on Wednesday morning after citing ‘unprecedented pressure’ on services, saying that there had been a fourfold increase in patients from the Chorley area following the downgrading of the A&E unit at Chorley Hospital.

Speaking about the pressures on Wigan’s A&E, Lisa said: “I wrote to Chorley Hospital in April asking when they expected to resolve their staffing problems and re-open the A&E but they have not yet managed to send me a reply. MPs from across the region have raised concerns about this ongoing and unacceptable situation in Chorley and the impact it is clearly now having on patients. Today I’ve asked the Health Secretary needs to urgently intervene to re-open Chorley and relieve the acute pressure on Wigan and other hospitals in the region.”

Click here to read Lisa’s letter to Jeremy Hunt

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Arriva Summoned to Meeting with MPs over Rail Changes

Rail Company called in to explain changes to services announced BEFORE consultation with passengers

Arriva have been summoned to crisis talks with MPs after they announced major changes to rail services in the region before undertaking any consultation with passengers. Arriva announced changes on services into Manchester almost immediately after winning the contract to operate the Northern Rail franchise. The changes have caused uproar with passengers pointing out that no consultation has taken place.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has already met with Arriva to demand answers from the company and is now working with other MPs from the region in a bid to ensure the company listens to passengers concerns before finalising any changes. Speaking about the company’s decision Lisa said: “Arriva have gone about this in a very back to front way, announcing major changes to services into Manchester before even consulting with passengers. I have already met with Arriva to explain the concerns of my constituents who have contacted me on this issue and I’m working with other MPs in the region to put pressure on the company to go away and listen to what passengers are saying. All too often train companies act as if they are unaccountable to the people who rely on their services but we will ensure passenger’s voices are heard.”

The changes announced by Arriva will affect the Southport to Manchester line with services being routed into Victoria instead of Piccadilly. The company will be asking commuters to change at Salford Crescent, despite concerns of overcrowding at the station.

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Wigan MP Welcomes News of Cancelled Nazi Demonstration

Local traders were concerned about loss of trade and damage to property

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has welcomed the news that plans for a National Front demonstration in Wigan have been cancelled. Lisa had been contacted by local traders who had expressed their concerns about the demonstration putting people off coming into the town centre on the busiest day of the week and the potential for alcohol fuelled violence resulting in damage to property.

There were violent scenes as police made several arrests during a similar demonstration last year. The far-right National Front have been implicated in many incidents of race related violence and hate crimes with several of its members imprisoned for their criminal behaviour.

Lisa had been in dialogue with council officials about preventing the demonstration when the cancellation was announced. Speaking about the decision, Lisa said: “We don’t want Nazi sympathisers coming in to Wigan to try and whip up hatred and cause trouble. Local businesses would have been impacted by losing their best trading day and the police operation would have cost a small fortune. Let’s hope that they get the message that Wigan does not share their hate fuelled fascist ideology.”

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