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Good news for first time buyers

Lisa Nandy has welcomed the decision in the budget to scrap stamp duty on homes costing up to £250,000. It meants that 9 out of 10 first time buyers will be better off. Lisa said “there are many young people who find it hard to stay in the area they were born and brought up in because of the difficulties buying their first home. I am delighted that the Government is doing everything within its power to help them.” The move won’t just help first time buyers – the average house price in Wigan is £130,000. The decision to scrap stamp duty will partly be payed for through tax on homes costing over £1 million.

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Save our local Children’s Centres

Lisa Nandy has spoken out in support of Sure Start – the Labour Government’s flagship scheme to help children under 5, now under threat from Conservatives. The Tories have pledged to cut funding to the scheme for young children by £200 million a year, depriving many areas of their much loved children’s centres built under the scheme.

Lisa said “through my work as a children’s charity worker I have seen firsthand how the huge investment in young children over the last decade has transformed their lives, and made a difference to their parents. Children’s Centres in Wigan are at the heart of communities – a place for all children, regardless of background. Under Tory plans 1 in 5 centres would have to close.”

Lisa recently visited Beech Hill Children’s Centre with local Councillor Phyll Cullen to see firsthand the difference Sure Start is making to local children. To learn more about the campaign please click here.

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Protecting Wigan’s Jobs

Lisa Nandy today welcomed Unite’s support for Labour’s plans to protect jobs and homes in the difficult economic climate. Lisa said, “protecting jobs must be the top priority for Wigan’s next MP. Both Unite and the Labour Party have made it clear – protecting jobs, homes and fair pay comes first. We must not return to the divisive policies of the 1980s and 90’s”. Launching the campaign, Unite 4 Labour the union said: “2010 is the year of decision. A Labour government pledged to supporting jobs, skills, growth, keeping people in their homes and tackling debt by getting people into work or a million public sector jobs going under the Tories and tens of thousands jobs in the private sector at risk.”

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Lisa supports Wigan’s community pubs

Lisa Nandy today called for more support for local community pub and local brewers. Lisa has signed the Campaign for Real Ale pledge to champion well run community pubs who help to tackle alcohol abuse in their communities, and press for more support for small brewers. Lisa said: “well run, local pubs play a key role in the community. I am proud to support the CAMRA campaign.” You can learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

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Lisa Nandy for Wigan

Lisa Nandy was selected as the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wigan on 3 February 2010. Wigan’s MP Neil Turner warmly welcomed Lisa’s selection. Read how the Wigan Evening Post covered the story here.

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