In the News

28.03.15, Morning Star

Yorkshire and Humber Workers Demand Strong, Broad Unions

26.03.15, Morning Star

Shrewsbury Picket Papers Secrecy ‘Unjustified’ – Nandy

25.03.15, Guardian

Five things charities need to know ahead of the general election

March 15, Renewal

Lisa Nandy MP Interview: Principles not mechanisms

22.03.15, Tribune

Lisa Nandy Column

13.03.15, PR Week

Labour Shadow Minister Lisa Nandy calls lobbying register ‘a waste of public money’

12.03.15, Politics Home

Lisa Nandy MP: The Lobbying Act- ‘scrap it and start again’

03.03.15, Daily Mail

Second suspension at Yarl’s Wood

27.02.15, New Statesman

Lisa Nandy MP: Real devolution has to come from public consent, not Whitehall diktat.

10.02.15, Mirror

HSBC tax dodgers: Rich get away with it while the poor are punished

06.02.15, Guardian Comment is Free

Q: What’s the difference between a late politician and a late jobseeker? A: The politician lectures on timekeeping and the jobseeker has their benefits cut. With inherent injustice in the system, no wonder so many slip into poverty. 

04.02.15, Politics Home

Lisa Nandy MP: Malnutrition, food queues, housing shortages – this is modern Britain. 

21.01.15, New Statesman

Labour and the Tories aren’t the same- so why do voters still think they are?

14.04.15, Daily Mail

Secret Tory files about the private lives of MPs to be opened up for inquiry into historic child abuse

07.01.15, Mirror

David Cameron promises new A&E waiting times-  the doctor will see you within four years

18.12.14, LabourList

Lisa Nandy LabourList Christmas Lecture: “Our choice is the country’s choice”

12.10.14, Politics Home

Lisa Nandy: Today I will vote to recognise the state of Palestine

06.10.14, Labourlist

Interview with Lisa Nandy: Brilliant, interesting and important

25.09.14, Labourlist

Lisa Nandy: The Westminster bubble is at it again

04.09.14, Labourlist

Lisa Nandy: Brooks Newmark’s comments aren’t just patronising, they’re an attack on charities

22.08.14, Labourlist

Lisa Nandy: Young people are political, we need to show them that politics is worth their time

12.08.14, New Statesman

Lisa Nandy: The forces in British politics  at the moment are all on the right

06.08.14, Labourlist

Lisa Nandy MP: Gaza is true test of political leadership

02.08.14, Labourlist

Lisa Nandy: Why did the government break its own rules to fund David Cameron’s vanity projects?

21.07.14, Comment is Free

Lisa Nandy: “Volunteers need free childcare-  not Chris Grayling’s shameless PR stunt.”

21.07.14, Wigan Observer

Lisa Nandy backs Save the Pier campaign

19.07.14, Guardian

Lisa Nandy expresses concern at killings at UK owned Tanzanian gold mine

01.07.14, New Statesman

Lisa Nandy and Nic Dakin: “Labour will put its money where its mouth is on devolution”

30.06.14, Tribune Magazine

Lisa Nandy: Good government goes with charitable instincts

19.06.14 Labourlist

Lisa Nandy MP: ‘Socialists are not concerned soley with material things’ 

01.06.14, Tribune Magazine

Lisa Nandy: Our offer of hope trumps fracture and fragmentation

09.05.14, New Statesman

Lisa Nandy and Jon Cruddas: “Only Labour can build the Big Society”

15.04.14, Third Sector Magazine

Interview: Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Minister for Civil Society

12.03.14, Wigan Today

Uniting to help victims of strokes

04.03.14, Third Sector Magazine

My Week: Lisa Nandy MP gets down and dirty with charities | Third Sector

02.03.14, BBC Sunday Politics

Party political logos: Halfon, Nandy and Oakeshott

27.02.14, The Third Sector

MP warns against praising wealthy donors only

17.02.14, Wigan Today

‘Mr Messy’ jailed

14.02.14, Wigan Today

MP ‘deeply concerned’ over lack of link road consultation

13.02.14, New Statesman

How Labour will give people the power to shape their own services

11.02.14, Wigan Today

MPs back ban on smoking and driving

03.02.14, South Wales Evening Post

Labour AMs back call for 1984 Miners’ Strike apology

29.01.14, BBC News

PMQs: Cameron and Nandy on miners’ strike apologies

28.01.14, Wigan Today

MPs say no to ‘gagging bill’

27.01.14, Wigan Today

Council rocket over zero hours contracts

23.01.14, BBC News

Lobbying bill timetable branded an ‘absolute disgrace’

22.01.14, Yahoo News

Labour will vote to improve this ‘shambles … – Yahoo!

21.01.14, The Third Sector

‘The sector-to-state relationship is not in the best of places’

20.01.14, Wigan Today

MP Lisa’s true calling?

08.01.14, Tribune

Lisa Nandy | Tribune

02.01.14, The Guardian

The prospect of the 2015 general election will reveal our parties’ true …

17.12.13, The Guardian

Charities are the people’s megaphone’

30.11.13, Tribune

Tribune – Comment, news and reviews from Britain’s

11.11.13, Civil Society

“There are deeper issues in the sector than just the impact of …

04.11.13, Wigan Today

MP Nandy in new zero hours blast

02.11.13, Labour List

Cameron has presided over an astonishing and avoidable rise in …

02.11.13, Tribune

Tribune – Comment, news and reviews from Britain’s

16.10.13, The Independent

Lisa Nandy – The Independent

14.10.13, Third Sector

Profile: Lisa Nandy, the new shadow charities minister

10.10.13, Wigan Evening Post

New shadow roles for MPs

13.09.13, Labour Listens

We need to shut down child sex abuse in seedy hotels , says Lisa


Abused kids ‘not listened to':

11.09.13, Your Thurrock

St Clere’s students impress at House of Commons

10.09.13, Wigan Evening News

MP backing rugby world cup winner

07.09.13, Tribune

Tribune – Comment, news and reviews from Britain’s

05.09.13, The Independent

Andy McSmith’s Diary: Zero tolerance? Contracts show MPs may …

03.09.13, Mancunian Matters

Who will be first past the post? Manchester MPs race in Wigan 10K

02.09.13, Wigan Evening Post

MP fights for U-turn over privatisation

15.08.13, New Statesman

To protect children from abuse, ministers need to challenge those …

28.07. 13, Manchester Gazette

MP Lisa Nandy Launches Fight to save A&E

22.07.13, Tribune

Lisa Nandy « Tribune – Comment, news and reviews from Britain’s

18.07.13, The Guardian

Social services for vulnerable children in England to be …

18.07.13, Wigan Evening Post

Summer home alone fear

04.07.13, Keighley News

Keighley sex crime victims project visited by minister

03.07.13, Wigan Evening Post

Nandy blasts MPs’ £10k pay increase

07.06,13 Manchester Gazette

Borough MPs’ Parliamentary Motion recognises Latics FA Cup Final …

06.06.13, Wigan Evening Post

End aggressive questioning of sex victims: MP

07.05.13, Wigan Observer

Scene set for MPs to go head to head

25.04.13, Wigan Evening Post

Wigan losing out in health funding

23.04.13, Children and Young People Now

Labour to explore children’s social worker pay

23.04.13,  Asian Image

Extremist groups targeting young girls with racist literature

19.04.13, Wigan Evening Post

Nandy blasts FA for late kick off time in cup final

25.03.13, Wigan Evening Post

Budget does little to help worst-off – Columnists

25.03.13, Wigan Evening Post

Shock poverty numbers

22.03.13, Mancunian Matters

‘Horrifying': Wigan MP slams plans to privatise Greater …

06.03.13, Community Care


04.03.13, PoliticsHome


28.02.13, Wigan Evening Post

Concerns over benefit reform

27.02.13, Labour List


22.02.13, The Mirror


21.02.13, Mancunian Matters

‘Families badly let down': Wigan MP attacks Prime Minister David …

14.02.13, The Guardian


14.02.13. Manchester Gazette


22,01,13. Labour List

What on earth has gone wrong with a country where we can’t feed …

17.01.13, Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS)

Stop pushing people into poverty and get serious about job creation

17.01.13, The Labour Party

Loughton says child protection a ‘declining priority’ – The Labour Party

10.01.13, Wigan Evening Post

Benefit cuts no laughing matter

10.01.13, Labour List

It’s time to change the terms of the debate on welfare

15.12.12, Mirror Online

Lisa Nandy MP – Mirror Online

28.11.12, Huffington Post

Operating Under the Radar, the Government Body With

27.11.12, Wigan Today

Bedroom tax will have huge effect – Columnists …

22.11.12, New Statesman

Turning a blind eye to child abuse is simply not an option

21.11.12, Labour List

Getting out of the Westminster bubble (Part 2)

21.11.12, Labour Party

Response to the Children’s Commissioner’s Report on Child Sexual …

08.12.12, Labour Party

MPs’ report shows young people too often ignored when reporting …

03.11.12, Mancunian Matters

‘Living wage’ for low-paid council workers could boost Wigan’s …

02.11.12, Tribune

24.10.12, The Guardian

As child poverty increases, social workers must be supported

09.10.12, Huffington Post

Attracting and retaining excellent social workers depends on a better social work system

02.10.12, Third Sector

Shadow Children’s Minister blames financial pressures for falling donations from young

30.09.12, New Statesman

How G4S helps Israel break the Geneva convention

26.09.12, Financial Mail Women’s Forum (Mail on Sunday)

Interview with Lisa Nandy on international corporate responsibility

12.09.12, Labour List

Day One: Shadowing a Family Lawyer

09.09.12, Tribune

London’s shameful links to Lonmin mining tragedy

26.08.12, The Guardian

London-listed firms must take corporate responsibility seriously

22.08.12, The New Statesman

Social and environmental issues can be just as vital to a company’s success

14.08.12, Wigan Today

Wigan is right to love the Olympics

26.07.12, Wigan Evening Post

Lisa Nandy is put in the picture

16.07.12, The Guardian

Shadow Children’s Minister wants voting age lowered to 16

11.07.12, The Guardian

Department for Education signed up Headteachers to praise Gove’s free school policies

11.07.12, The Guardian

Funding to Brazil state-owned company from ECGD department raises environmental concerns from MPs and campaigners

27.06.12, The Guardian

Adoptive families left in the dark

17.06.12, The Guardian

Arms and oil bosses refuse to attend corporate responsibility inquiry

16.06.12, Tribune

Lets keep the profiteers out of our classrooms

14.06.12, Huffington Post

Relationships must be at the heart of the child protection system

13.06.12, The Guardian

Parents’ access rights after divorce enshrined in law

01.06.12, Wigan Today

Lisa Nandy supports local reading initiative

16.05.12, Wigan Evening Post

Rathbones factory earmarked for closure

07.05.12, The Guardian

Parliamentary inquiry launched into Government’s controversial UK Export Finance Department

07.05.12, The Independent

Investment should be improved for foster carers

06.05.12, The Guardian

Lisa Nandy calls on investors to put pressure on firms accused over CIA torture flights

04.05.12, Wigan Evening Post

Red Rose Romps Home

27.04.12, The Guardian

Border Agency halts x-ray programme for child asylum seekers

24.04.12, BBC News

Child x-rays ’cause for concern’ says Michael Gove

24.04.12, The Guardian

‘Michael Gove says he raised concerns over x-rays for young asylum seekers’

24.04.12, Wigan Today

The cost to Wigan of top-down NHS reorganisation

23.04.12, Huffington Post

Another financial crisis is inevitable unless Government takes steps to tackle short-term business culture

18.04.12, The New Statesman

Why Labour should not embrace free schools

15.04.12, The Independent on Sunday

Gold miners call British firm to account

12.04.12, The Daily Mirror

Tories in ‘murder threat’ scandal

09.02.12, BBC News

Government delays answering on private emails and FOI

02.02.12, Financial Times

Local authorities warn of public backlash against cuts

31.01.12, Huffington Post

Michael Gove still waiting on ‘fresh advice’ before taking action on private email accounts and FOIs

25.01.12, The Guardian

Chemistry Club networking events led to fears of lobbying

25.01.12, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Companies paid £1,800 to meet senior civil servants at networking events

24.01.12, The Daily Mail

Cash for access row reignites as companies pay £1,800 a time to dine with ministers and civil servants at exclusive ‘Chemistry Club’ events

24.01.12, The Guardian

Companies paid £1,800 to meet Ministers at networking events

19.01.12, The New Statesman

‘Forget about the elephant’

17.01.12, Left Foot Forward

‘Michael Gove and the Freedom of Information Act’

16.01.12, Wigan Evening Post

Increased Transport Costs Unfair

19.11.11. The Guardian

‘Engaging the next generation’

19.11.11, Daily Telegraph

Ministers to scrap milk subsidy scheme for the under 5s

26.10.11, Wigan Today

Pilot project to cut school exclusions

17.10.11, Wigan Today

One in Three Under 25s Out of Work

14.10.11, Wigan Evening Post

Wigan-Preston Train Ride Angers MP

14.10.11, Huffington Post

Everyday a proportion of the population are excluded from activities the rest take for granted

15.09.11, Newcastle Journal

Lisa Nandy criticises Ministers for abolishing Regional Development Agencies

21.07.11, Left Foot Forward

Our current political system cannot bring about the change we need

21.07.11, Compass Online

Why we need systemic change

06.07.11. Morning Star

Police join fight to halt justice meltdown

05.07.11, Tribune Magazine

Let’s promote the best of British business

04.07.11, Wigan Evening Post

Join the disabled transport fight

02.07.11, The Guardian

Banking reform is still leaving us with a flawed system

29.06.11, The Guardian

Can a feminist rejoice in the likes of Beyonce or Lagarde?

16.06.11, The Guardian

Justice reforms will have devastating consequences for victims of human rights abuses

16.06.11, Wigan Evening Post

Want to carry the Olympic Torch?

09.06.11, Wigan Evening Post

MP praises firms for jobs boost 08.06.011, Tribune

Hardcore Thatcherism is in the small print

05.06.11, The Independent

Iran and Zimbabwe among states owing UK more than £2bn

16.05.11, The Evening Standard

Ministers forced to correct reckless errors

03.05.11, The Evening Standard

Vince, how can you refuse Lisa’s offer?

27.04.11, The Daily Telegraph

MPs’ Bill to Attack ‘Secretive Coalition Department’

27.04.11, Compass Online

Lisa Nandy – reforming the ECGD

06.04.11, The Guardian

Could an online booksharing scheme spell the end for the traditional library?

06.04.11, Crewe and Nantwich Guardian

MPs work cross-party to stand up for children in care

02.03.11, Wigan Today

Save Our Shops!

16.02.11, Wigan Today

Children say why they love Wigan

15.02.11, The Guardian

Anti-Free School Campaigners Demand More Transparency

11.02.11, Tribune

Bring the Tories to book over library closures

05.02.11, The Daily Mirror

Health Secretary criticised for vested interests

31.01.11, Children and Young People Now:

We must fight for young people’s future

Best practice: Looked After Children in Ealing

Fast-tracked cuts to frontline services will create chaos

25.01.11, BBC News

Libraries must not be cut


Free Libraries Must not be Cut

14.01.11, Daily Mirror

Disadvantaged children barred from school set up with public funds


Lisa Nandy MP hosts briefing event on academic assessment

29.12.10, Daily Mirror

Lisa responds to Lib Dem claim that £81bn cuts are ‘fair’

28.12.10, ‘Inside the Games’ – the inside track on world sport

Wigan MP to be wrestling champion in the House of Commons

16.12.10, Manchester Evening News

MPs demand showdown with Chancellor over council cuts

16.12.10, Tribune Magazine

In defence of health and safety

14.12.10, Wigan Today

MP backs Wigan’s market traders

14.12.10, Manchester Evening News

How coalition cuts will hit hardest in the north

26.11.10, Times Educational Supplement

Charities Commission takes action against New Schools Network after recommendation from Lisa Nandy

25.11.10, The Mirror

Lisa tells Ann Widdecombe what she thinks of her attitude to the recession

18.11.10, Tribune

14.11.10, Sunday Mirror

Lisa exposes charity row over free schools

12.11.10, Tribune Online

Lisa calls on Ministers to tackle Legal Loan Sharks

03.11.10, Financial Times

David Cameron has film-maker on civil service books

02.11.10, The Mirror

Lisa comments on Government’s use of taxpayers’ money for personal photographer

01.11.10, Children & Young People Now

Lisa launches Cross-Party Inquiry into Educational Outcomes of Children in Care

01.11.10, Socialist Unity

MPs lead inquiry into educational outcomes of looked after children

30.10.10, The Mirror

Benefits slasher David Cameron trousered £21k a year to pay his mortgage

27.10.10, The Guardian

Lisa Nandy probes Government on questionable New Schools Network


Lisa calls for vital debate on the regeneration of the coalfield communities

25.10.10, Wigan Today

‘The Government needs to invest in towns like ours’

23.10.10, Tribune Magazine

‘Where is the Left’s response to the Coalition’s attack on collectivism?’

15.10.10, Renewal.  A Journal of Social Democracy

Lisa’s contribution on fairness and future generations

11.10.10, Wigan Today

We must fight to protect the poorest in society against Government cuts

04.10.10, Tribune Magazine

Lisa speaks at Tribune Rally at Labour Party Conference


Lisa tipped for the top!

28.09.10, The Morning Star

Lisa takes on questionable status of publicly funded education charity New Schools Network

28.09.10, Children and Young People Now

MP to lodge official complaint over education charity

24.09.10, The Daily Mirror:

Wigan MP attacks Government’s refusal to clamp down on unscrupulous loan sharks

23.09.10, The New Statesman

‘Young, Dynamic, Articulate and Intelligent’

23.09.10, Wigan Today

Lisa Nandy joins veterans for day of tribute to war heroes

22.09.10, The Daily Mirror

How long before a woman is elected Labour leader?

21.09.10, The Daily Mail:

Lisa joins forces with over 100 MPs to end legal loan sharking

21.09.10, Children and Young People Now

Lisa Nandy signs up to campaign to protect much-needed youth services in areas like Wigan

20.09.10, Wigan Evening Post

Lisa’s monthly column

16.09.10, Wigan Today

Fears over jobs at the Tote and support from local MPs for workers

27.08.10, Wigan Today

Wigan MP Backs Remploy

05.08.10, Wigan Today

Lisa Nandy pledges to battle benefit cuts