Lisa Nandy Slams Boris Johnson for ‘Disgraceful’ Attack on the Unions

Lisa Nandy Slams Boris Johnson for ‘Disgraceful’ Attack on the Unions

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has today criticised Boris Johnson’s proposals that would reduce the ability of workers up and down the country to take legitimate strike action.

The Mayor of London told Conservative Party Conference yesterday that he believed unions should only be allowed to strike if half of all members balloted voted.  What he neglected to mention to Conference was that he was elected in the London Mayoral elections in 2008 on a turnout of a mere 45%.

In a scathing comment this afternoon, Lisa Nandy asked if the Mayor of London would now be standing down as his position would be untenable under his own rules.

Lisa further commented:

It is every worker’s democratic right to strike and this has, in the past, seen some of the most restrictive, anti-trade union laws in the developed world at the hands of the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson is seeking to further restrict these laws and I will fight tooth and nail to protect trade union rights for my constituents against this disgraceful attack.

If members are balloted and choose not to vote, should those who voted in favour of strike action be ignored?  On that basis, almost every local election in living memory would be invalid, as would the results in several constituencies.

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