Lisa Nandy urges Wiganers to seek debt help

Lisa Nandy urges Wiganers to seek debt help

New figures reveal 32% of people in Wigan are behind with bills or burdened by debt, compared to 18% nationally.

The research, obtained by MP Lisa Nandy from the Money Advice Service find that 25,000 adults in Wigan are classed over-indebted (have been at least three months behind with bill payments or feel their debts are a heavy burden).

In the UK there are 8.8million people living with serious debt problems but only 17% of them are currently accessing advice to help deal with their debt.

Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan said:

“More and more people in Wigan are struggling with debts as prices rise but wages stay the same. Living with debt worries can eat away at people and make them and their families more stressed and anxious. But if you’re struggling with bills or loans the best thing to do is get advice.

“Debt is a problem all over the country but it’s particularly bad in Wigan. That’s why I’m urging anyone who is affected by debt to get support and advice.”

Caroline Rookes, Chief Executive of the Money Advice Service said:

“We know that debt advice works. It increases an individual’s wellbeing, improves collection rates for creditors and boosts the health of communities.

“The challenge is to get more people accessing debt advice. That’s why we have launched a brand new Debt Locator Tool at which helps you locate high quality online, phone and face-to-face debt advice in your local area.”

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