Lisa Nandy MP responds to victim blaming remarks

Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Children’s Minister, responds to the news that a 13 year old victim of child abuse was described as “predatory”, “sexually experienced” and “egged on” her abuser during the Judge’s summing up.

Ms Nandy said:

“It is horrifying that in this day and age adults in authority think it’s appropriate to blame children for their own abuse. Too often over the last few years we have seen children retraumatised by a shockingly poor, judgmental response from the legal system, police officers and others – the very people who are supposed to help them. It’s time we woke up and started to give young victims the help they deserve. Without this, it will prove impossible to persuade other brave young people to come forward and lock up the people who commit abuse against our children.”

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Wigan MP backs TalkTalk’s Digital Heroes Awards
Winning projects in Wigan could win up to £10,000
 New award for children and young people
Lisa Nandy MP is calling for local groups to enter the TalkTalk Digital Heroes Awards 2013, a unique competition that recognises and rewards people who are using technology to help their communities.
The awards, now in their sixth year, have provided funding and support to 62 organisations across Britain, including various charities which have used technology to help children and young people, the homeless and people with disabilities.
The awards, run in partnership with the Daily Mirror and charities Citizens Online and Go ON UK, aim to recognise inspirational people who use technology to benefit their local community. Twelve winners, one from each region of the UK – voted for by the public – will each get £5,000 to enhance their digital projects, with one overall winner getting £10,000.
In addition to the main awards, Martha Lane Fox will present a special award for the Young Digital Hero on behalf of Go ON UK, a charity she chairs which aims to make UK the world’s most digitally connected nation. The top prize is £4,000 for their chosen charity and an Apple MacBook Air.
The awards are now open for submissions   and the deadline for entries is August  14, 2013. The Twitter hashtag for the awards is #digitalheroes.
Lisa said: “Digital technology plays an increasingly important role, helping to improve people’s lives and encourage the growth of local businesses. Digital Heroes is a wonderful initiative which recognises the people who have worked hard to champion digital technology and made a difference to their community. I hope that projects in  Wigan will be able to benefit from this year’s scheme and I will be encouraging local groups and individuals to enter the competition.”
Commenting on the awards, Dido Harding, Chief Executive of TalkTalk, said: “Digital Heroes is the only competition of its kind, and each year attracts hundreds of nominations from people across the country. It has already made an enormous difference to dozens of important projects across the UK and this year we look forward to finding new and innovative ways of using technology for good.”
“A staggering 7.1 million UK adults have still never been online and 16 million do not have the Basic Online Skills to take advantage of digital tools. That’s why I am proud to support TalkTalk’s Digital Heroes Awards, with Go ON UK” says Baroness Lane-Fox. “The initiative celebrates inspiring digital champions achieving the extraordinary through digital technology in communities across the UK and is one I look forward to every year.
John Fisher, Chief Executive of Citizens Online, said: “The internet is an important part of daily life for an increasing number of Britons, especially children and young people, and it is important that it is made accessible to everybody. Digital Heroes has already helped lots of important projects to change their communities for the better and we hope this year’s awards will inspire more people to think about how digital technology can benefit society.”
For more information please contact:
Telephone: 020 7861 3184
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Wigan MP Launches Fight to save A&E

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has launched an online petition to protect Wigan’s A&E from closure or downgrading following revelations in the Wigan Evening Post that the ‘Healthier Together’ model of care review was examining the future of Wigan’s 24 hour A&E service.

Lisa said: “I am deeply concerned about the future of Wigan’s emergency services. Recently a number of hospitals, like Trafford, have lost their A&Es, while other high-performing A&E’s across the country have been threatened with closure.

“Patient care must be paramount. Downgrading the Royal Albert Edward would seriously impact on local people, leaving patients and their families travelling long distances at great cost.

“Hundreds of local people are desperately worried about their local health services. The Secretary of State must act to reassure people by rejecting any attempt to close or downgrade Wigan’s emergency services.

“Please sing the petition at Every signature will be a powerful expression of Wigan’s support for its A&E service.”

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Wigan MP urges parents to ‘talk PANTS’

Local MP Lisa Nandy is lending her support to an NSPCC campaign launching this week, which aims to help parents protect their children from sexual abuse. Lisa attended the NSPCC launch at Parliament last week where she given a preview of the charity’s new Underwear Rule campaign.

Awareness of sexual abuse has risen dramatically since the vast catalogue of assaults committed by Jimmy Savile were revealed last year, with the NSPCC’s helpline experiencing a huge rise in calls.But while parents want to help their children stay safe from sexual abuse many don’t always have the confidence to explain how.A YouGov poll conducted recently on behalf of the NSPCC revealed that that half the parents of 5-17-year-olds who took part in the survey had never spoken to their sons or daughters about the issue and more than two in five (43%) said it was a difficult conversation.

The six week advertising campaign, which will be aired on nearly 60 local radio stations throughout the UK and supported by Netmums, will help these parents teach the ‘Underwear Rule’ to their children during simple conversations. The campaign complements the organisation’s ChildLine Schools Service which is visiting every primary school in the UK advising children on how to stay safe from all forms of abuse.

The campaign provides supportive guidance for parents explaining the Underwear Rule. The NSPCC has developed an easy-to-remember guide – Talk PANTS– that helps children understand the key points of the Rule. (

Privates are private.

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means no

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help

Lisa said:”It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to find their child has been touched inappropriately – and no family wants to think it will ever happen to them. But as the statistics show, it does happen to one in 20 kids, and nine times out of ten by someone known to the child. So by talking about it, you are taking the first steps to keeping your children safe”.

“Parents need to find a way to make their kids aware of the danger without scaring them, and that’s exactly why the NSPCC is promoting the Underwear Rule. It’s clear, simple and easy for even young kids to understand. Think of it as a green cross code against sexual abuse. That is why I am encouraging parents to learn the underwear rule and talk PANTS with their children.”

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Wigan MP Lisa Nandy condemns the rise of zero hours contracts

This week in Parliament Wigan MP Lisa Nandy called on the Government to crackdown on the scandalous abuse of zero hours contracts, which guarantee no work for employees but require them to be available to work as and when needed.

Lisa highlighted the appalling plight of many people in Wigan who have been exploited by profit-driven employers. Zero hours contracts can leave people without any opportunity to plan childcare or budget properly because they do not know what they will earn from week to week.

The number of people on zero hours contracts in the UK has more than doubled since 2005, to over 200,000 in 2012. Over a third of those are young people who are desperate to get a job at any cost. A recent survey by UNISON also found that over 40% of workers in the social care sector were employed on zero hours contracts, with evidence that poor working practices, such as unpaid travel time is leaving workers earning less than the minimum wage.

Lisa highlighted the case of one social care worker in Wigan who was forced to take on work at short notice or risk losing future hours. Without time to arrange any childcare she had no choice but to take her children with her and leave them locked in the car while she worked a long shift.

Lisa said: “the level of human misery that zero hours and small hours contracts are causing has become more and more apparent to me over the past three years. I was determined to use this Parliamentary debate to expose the appalling practices of some particular Wigan employers, especially in the social care sector, and to ask why Wigan Council has been so slow to act on these serious concerns.

“It is hard to see how an employer that is prepared to show such shocking disregard for its staff could possibly be providing good quality care for the elderly and vulnerable. These are serious questions which no public body should turn a blind eye to.”

During the debate Lisa also revealed that people who are on zero hours contracts find it harder to get a mortgage, access tax credits or get help with childcare. They also tend to earn significantly less than other employees.


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Lisa Nandy MP celebrates disabled kids’ achievements at star-studded ceremony

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy joined the disabled children’s charity Whizz-Kidz at a star-studded awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of young disabled people from across the UK.

The Kidz Unlimited Awards, held in the House of Commons, and hosted by Channel 4’s Rick Edwards, showcased the talent and achievements of Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors from across the UK.

Lisa met with young Ambassadors from the charity to congratulate them on their achievements and talk about their aspirations.

Lisa said: ‘It was fantastic to meet the Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors at the Kidz Unlimited Awards – they really are an inspirational group of young people.

‘Whizz-Kidz do great work locally providing disabled children and young people with wheelchairs and with life skills through their work placements programme and wheelchair skills training.

‘I’m very proud to be one of the charity’s Parliamentary Champions and to support their work in Wigan and across the UK ’

George, 18, Chair of the Whizz-Kidz Kidz Board said: ‘The Kidz Unlimited Awards were a brilliant way to recognise just some of the amazing achievements of Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors, and we were delighted that Lisa joined in our celebrations! We are very grateful for her support for Whizz-Kidz in Westminster and Wigan.’

Whizz-Kidz provides disabled children and young people across the UK with life-changing mobility equipment and also provide opportunities for disabled youngsters to learn valuable life skills, make friends and become more independent, through their youth clubs, residential camps, wheelchair skills training and work placements programme.

Last year, the charity transformed the lives of 2,025 disabled children and youngsters in the UK by providing life-changing mobility equipment such as powered and lightweight wheelchairs, specialist sports wheelchairs and specially adapted bikes and trikes.

For more information about Whizz-Kidz’s work providing disabled children and young people a chance of a childhood and the skills for a bright future, visit

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Daddy’s Duck Race

 The Family RaceWigan MP Lisa Nandy was delighted to launch the 2013 Daddy’s Duck Race along the Leeds-Liverpool canal last weekend.

A colourful array of hundreds of ducks made their way down the Leeds-Liverpool canal for a very special charity race.

The race was the idea of four-year-old Wigan youngster Corey Coggins in memory of his late father Ric, who died of bowel cancer two years ago.

Hundreds of plastic ducks bobbed their way along a stretch of the canal at the Wigan Investment Centre, in a fun and colourful spectacle to raise money for Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

Lisa said: “I was delighted to be able to launch the race for Corey and to meet all the families who came out to support the race. It’s a fantastic idea and a great way to raise much-needed funds for Wigan and Leigh Hospice. The Hospice provides vital care and support to Wiganers and their families at a difficult time in their lives and I am delighted that they’re thousands of pounds better off thanks to Corey, his mum and all the volunteers.”

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Lisa’s Green Watch

MP Lisa Nandy got a unique insight into the day in the life of a firefighter when she visited Wigan Fire Station.

Donning fire gear, the Wigan MP joined Green Watch on parade at 8.30am on Friday, June 28, before embarking on a day of training and community visits.

Wearing breathing apparatus, Lisa got to experience what it’s like to search a smoke filled building in the yard of the station while crews carried out a drill.

Lisa then got a chance to use cutting gear to dismantle a car during a training exercise which involved freeing a casualty from a road traffic collision.

Lisa said: “It was a really interesting and inspiring day and it was great to spend the full day with the watch.

“The cutting gear was really heavy you have to be strong to do that but in the safety of the fire station yard it was good fun to cut the car apart.

“I was really surprised how hard it was to wear the breathing apparatus and how heavy the dummies were we were rescuing and it really gave me an idea of how difficult conditions must be for fire crews tackling a real fire.

“I was also very impressed with their work in the community here in Wigan.”

Lisa joined firefighters at Lamberhead Green Community Primary School where crews chatted to Year Six pupils about fire and water safety.

The visit was part of the Safe4Summer Campaign – a joint initiative between Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), Greater Manchester Police and the county’s 10 local authorities.

It’s aimed at keeping people of all ages safe from summer risks such as the dangers of water and grass fires, and addressing community concerns about youth-related crime and antisocial behaviour during summer months.

Borough Manager Steve Sheridan said: “We invited Lisa to experience how much we cram into one day here at GMFRS in Wigan and she certainly got stuck in and seemed to enjoy it.

“Wigan is very much a fire station at the heart of the community and as Lisa is Shadow Children’s Minister, we were able to tell her all about our work with young people and show her first hand our Safe4Summer work in schools.”

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Lisa says “Hands off Herons Wharf”

Wigan’s MP Lisa Nandy has written to the Council’s Planning Committee Chairman to back residents and local councillors, who are fighting plans to develop expensive housing on a much-loved open space.

In the letter, she urged the Committee to consider the views of residents who face three years of building works, noise and disruption if the plans go ahead.

Lisa, who visited the site recently to hear residents’concerns, said:

“The proposed housing will do little to help first time buyers and it will restrict children’s play space.

“It’s clear that access to the site is severely restricted. It is very difficult to see how such narrow roads that are already overused would be able to accommodate the extra traffic this would create. In effect children would be forced onto the streets at a time when more traffic is being created.

“Residents have also raised health and safety concerns that deserve serious consideration. Ten years ago planners refused an application because of land contamination. It is vital that the consequences for the health of adults and children in the area are taken into account.

“In light of this I am asking the committee to refuse this application.”

The MP’s intervention comes ahead of a crucial vote this week, when the Planning Committee will be asked to decide if the application can proceed.

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Wigan MP Lisa Nandy is urging Wiganer’s to nominate for the annual 4Children and Take a Break Family Heroes Awards. The Family Heroes Awards celebrate unsung heroes around the country who go above and beyond the call of duty to support families through tough times.

The awards are open to everyone, from people who work or volunteer to support families to those who take self sacrifice and care for their own family to a whole new level.

12 regional family heroes will be selected, with one inspirational hero being selected as the overall national Family Hero 2013 and thanked for their selfless devotion with a cash prize of £5,000.

Lisa said: “Families are at the heart of our communities and the Family Hero Awards are a great way to celebrate and thank those that have made a real difference in helping to support families and children across the UK.

The Families Heroes Awards are looking for outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. A Family Hero could be:

•Someone who has shown amazing courage to protect or support a family member in need

•Someone who has helped a young person turn their life around after having a bad experience

•Someone who has supported a friend with postnatal depression

•Someone who is a young carer looking after a disabled parent

If you know or are related to someone who you think is a true family hero, show your appreciation by nominating them for this prestigious award.

To nominate your Family Hero, download or fill out a nomination form online at or for further information, contact / 0207 522 6970. Nominations close on 31 August.

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