Wigan’s A&E shines bright

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has criticised the Coalition Government for cutting nurses and putting patients’ lives at risk as figures show that major A&E units across the North West are struggling and have consistently missed their waiting times targets over the last six months.

Staffing shortages across the NHS have left A&E departments over-stretched and under severe pressure, with reports of ambulances queuing outside and patients left on trolleys for hours on end.

The North West has lost 1,105 nurses since May 2010 and data published by the new NHS England body shows that the target of 95 per cent of patients being seen within four hours has been missed by A&E units across the region.

Bucking the trend was Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Hospital which met the target in 21 of the 26 weeks to April 2013. When contrasted with neighbouring A&E locations at Bolton (10 weeks) and Warrington (14 weeks) Wigan’s MP has paid tribute to the management and staff at the Royal Albert Edward Hospital in being the best performing A&E department during this period.

Lisa Nandy MP said: “It is completely unacceptable that people are queuing for emergency care in ambulances, waiting rooms and hospital corridors because of this Coalition’s sweeping cuts and chaotic reforms. This is a Government that simply cannot be trusted with the NHS.

“Despite Coalition Government attempts to swing a wrecking-ball through the health service, the people of Wigan are rightly proud that their hospital still has one of the best performing A&E Departments.

“It is a tribute to Wigan’s nurses, doctors and hospital staff that we have such a good local service and I have promised them I will fight to protect it in the months ahead.”

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Lisa Nandy MP calls on local schools to take part in My Money Week

Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan, has called on local schools to take part in My Money Week (3 to 9 June), giving pupils the chance to learn more about money and personal finance.  Every primary and secondary school in Wigan is being given the chance to take part for free in My Money Week, which has returned for its fifth year thanks to a new partnership between national charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) and Barclays.

My Money Week will improve young people’s financial skills, knowledge and confidence through special lessons, activities and debates in schools and other settings across the UK.  Teachers in Wigan can order a free Activity Pack, developed by pfeg, full of creative and engaging financial resources and ideas for how to deliver financial education to young people, from the age of four up to 19.  Young people in Wigan can also take part in the ‘A-Z of Money’, a national competition challenging them to learn more about money through creative writing.

Lisa Nandy MP said: “I am delighted to lend my support to My Money Week, money and personal finance are a vital ingredient to our lives and understanding from an early age gives young people a better chance of staying out of the hands of pay day or doorstep lenders in the future. Sound money management skills will give young people a great start to their early life.”

Tracey Bleakley, chief executive of pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group), said: “We are absolutely delighted to have the support of Lisa Nandy MP in promoting My Money Week this year, and I hope all schools in Wigan will seize the opportunity to take part through our free activity pack, advice and support.”

My Money Week 2013 will also raise awareness of Barclays’ flagship UK community programme, Barclays Money Skills, and provide opportunities for Barclays employees to share their financial expertise and skills with young people in teacher-led My Money Week activities in local schools.  In addition, this year will see extra resources targeted towards disadvantaged young people in both the school environment and the wider community.

Ashok Vaswani, CEO UK and Retail Business Banking at Barclays, said:  “It has never been more important for young people, particularly those who are vulnerable, to be able to access the support they need to learn about money. Having sound financial skills and being confident in managing money is critical to everyday living and achieving future goals.”

Teachers in Wigan can pre-order their free My Money Week Activity Packs at

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Workers Memorial Day

Mayday is International Workers’ Memorial Day and we marked it in Wigan with a piper-led procession through Mesnes Park and the laying of wreaths to remember those who have died or been seriously injured at work. Mesnes Park, which lies on the site of several mine shafts, was a fitting place to commemorate so many people who died or were injured in the mining industry.

Last year 173 people died at work in the UK – 25 of them in the North West, and every year over 20,000 people die prematurely because of work. Construction and agriculture have replaced mining as the riskiest industries in the UK. Thanks to better health and safety laws and better enforcement the number of people dying at work has thankfully fallen since the 1980s but the tragic reality is that far too many of these deaths are preventable.

That’s why Lisa has been working with other MP’s to protect our health and safety laws which are under attack. In recent years the Government has launched a ‘crackdown’ on so-called ‘red tape’, reduced health and safety inspections and taken away legal aid denying people justice.

The recent tragedy in Bangladesh, where hundreds of textile workers lost their lives when the building they were working in collapsed, shows what happens when capitalism is allowed to operate without proper regard for people’s lives. Many of those workers were making clothes for Primark, to be sold in Wigan and across the UK. Their deaths are a tragic reminder of the true cost of cheap clothes.

Thanks to decades of struggle by trade unions we have laws which prevent similar tragedies from happening here. We must never forget how important they are. Death and serious injury devastate families up and down the UK. We must defend the laws we already have and fight harder to see them enforced.

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Lisa calls on Post Office to negotiate

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has called on Post Office Management to return to meaningful negotiations with postal workers to prevent disruption to services.

The Communication Workers Union has served notice for more strike action in the country’s network of 373 Crown Post Offices in a dispute over closures, job security and pay. Up to 4,000 staff have been involved in a half day of strike action on Friday 19th April, starting at 2.30pm, with further strikes on the horizon if Post Office management continues to refuse to negotiate.

Lisa said: “Many of my constituents are employed by the Post Office and are severely affected by this dispute. Thousands more will be affected by disruptions to postal services. The CWU has made it clear it is ready to hold meaningful talks with Post Office Management and they must take this opportunity to resolve outstanding issues and avoid further disruption to the service.”

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Lisa tells NSPCC conference “We should do more to support the social work profession”

The Wigan MP told an NSPCC conference in London on Friday (19 April) that while she welcomes the government’s reforms of child protection, more action was needed to support social workers.

She revealed that Labour is considering various ways of boosting children’s social work although firm proposals and details about how they would be funded were not yet in place.

“I welcome the thrust of Eileen Munro’s reforms on social work but we should do more to support the profession,” Nandy said.

“The chief social worker post will do much to boost the profession, particularly given that so often when crises hit, it is the social worker that is attacked.

“But pay and conditions are really important.

“International studies show that working conditions in teaching and social work are the most important factors in boosting the status of the professions and bringing more good people into them”.

Nandy added that more needs to be done to support social workers once they are in post.

“The real challenge is not about attracting good quality people, but how you keep those people in social work,” she said.

“Turnover is a huge problem and burnout is a serious issue. Six out of 10 social workers consider their caseloads to be unmanageable.”

Nandy also hinted that a Labour government would widen the entry criteria for a proposed new programme for attracting top-level candidates to the profession.

She said that while she supports the proposed Frontline programme – a graduate fast-track scheme similar to Teach First – she fears it could miss potentially outstanding candidates.

“Many of the best social workers come from a background of needing the help of a social worker themselves, and might not have gone to the top universities,” she added.

“It is really important that you don’t exclude good-quality people because of that.”

This article first appeared in Children and Young People Now


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Lisa flags up concerns about Cup Final

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has written to the FA to raise concerns about the arrangements for the forthcoming FA Cup Final.

In a letter to the FA’s Chairman David Bernstein Lisa said:

“Numerous Latics supporters have contacted me to express their dismay at the late kick off time of 5.15pm. This is likely to cause inconvenience and disruption, and may prove to be prohibitively expensive if fans are forced to stay in London overnight.

“Many Latics supporters will be heading to Wembley for the first time, and may well have difficulty getting home after the final whistle. In addition both of the teams are from the North West which may exacerbate the pressure on public transport.”

The MP said: “I have asked the FA why this decision was taken and what thought was given to the impact of the timing on the thousands of football fans who were looking forward to the game but may now be put off from attending. I have also sought assurances that arrangements will be put in place to ensure supporters who cannot afford to stay in London overnight or do not wish to, are able to get home after the match.”

Follow the story in the Wigan Evening Post Nandy blasts FA for late kick off time in cup final

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Lisa Backs Wigan A&E Campaign

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy sent the following message of support to the Save Wigan Accident & Emergency campaign ahead of their meeting on 6th April.

Dear Comrade

I am deeply sorry not to be able to join you all at the rally today.

I believe Wigan has a lot to be proud of in its hospital and A&E service.

But in just a few years of this Coalition we have seen devastating cuts to the NHS and attempts to introduce unprecedented competition and private involvement into the health service.

It is vital that those of us who believe in good, local services, run in the interests of Wigan’s residents, stand up and say so.

This Government cannot be trusted with the NHS.

In London recently the Coalition tried to close down a high quality, much needed A&E – a decision taken on the basis of cost, not care.

We cannot allow that to happen here.

Health services across Greater Manchester are under review and now is the time for the people of Wigan to make their voices heard.

If you value your local hospital, and its A&E service, stand together and make the Government listen.

I am proud to support your campaign.

Lisa Nandy
Labour MP for Wigan

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Horse & Cart

Lisa was interviewed on video by soon to be users of Wigan Youth Zone and one question she had to answer was ‘how did you get about when you were young? Lisa replied Horse & Cart, and then promptly declared herself to be ‘feeling old.’  

The soon to open facility will be state-of-the art. With every interest and hobby pretty much catered for, Wigan Youth Zone is very much seen as the hub which will help thousands of Wigan’s young people develop both academically and in sports too.

Outside are 3G sports pitches while inside are top quality gyms – with Olympic quality equipment, as well as a sports hall and combat sports room.

As well as the sporting facilities, whether it is music, career advice or simply a place to relax, it’s hoped that children from within Wigan borough will flock down after school.

The turnstiles will roll for the first time soon, with membership costing just £5 for the year with each session priced at only 50p

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Save Standish Greenbelt

The Government appointed Planning Inspector has rejected the views of Wigan Council and ordered that 1000 new homes should be built in Standish. This is against the wishes of many local residents who wish to see new homes built in the Borough but are deeply dismayed that the plan takes no account of the pressures on roads in Standish or the value of greenbelt land to people across Wigan.

During the public consultation I met with and discussed these concerns with senior Council leaders and urged local people to make their views known to the Government appointed Planning Inspector. I am deeply disappointed he has ignored the wishes of local people and the Council.

Please sign the petition below to Save Standish Greenbelt and urge the Planning Inspector to think again.


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GOVERNMENT proposals that could see Wigan’s Fire and Rescue Service privatised have been fiercely criticised by local MP Lisa Nandy.

It was revealed last month that Fire Minister Brandon Lewis had unsuccessfully sought support for the proposals from the House of Commons’ Regulatory Reform Committee.

Now Wigan MP Lisa Nandy is opposing the Government’s plan after Mr Lewis refused to drop the idea.

Lisa said: “Our fire services have already faced irresponsible cuts which have left them in a precarious position when it comes to saving lives and helping people to feel safe when they sleep at night.

“This proposal is surely a step too far, even for this Government. The very idea of privatising one of our emergency services is horrifying. Current Government plans will mean the loss of more than 5,000 firefighters and 1,000 support staff by 2015.

“I will oppose this Government’s plans at every opportunity. I simply will not accept private profit being put before public safety when it comes to Wigan’s fire and rescue services.”

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