Prime Minister’s Questions

Prime Minister’s Questions

Lisa Nandy used the opportunity of being drawn for her first question to the Prime Minister to ensure that the coalfield communities would not suffer at the hands of the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition.

In Prime Minister’s Questions, Lisa told the Prime Minister that the Coalfields Regeneration Programme had breathed new life into places such as Wigan and that the decision to freeze this funding would devestate these communities all over again. She asked David Cameron for the assurance that his party were not merely seeking to close the coalfields down all over again.

Mr Cameron evaded the question, saying that he had been to visit the site and that it was an example of ‘excellent joint work between the public and private sector’ but failed to say how such work would continue to be funded.

Lisa will continue to raise this issue in Parliament, putting pressure on the Government to invest in areas that were ruined by the last Conservative Government.

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