Statement on Welfare Reform and Work Bill

Following last night’s vote on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, Lisa has received a number of queries asking how she voted.

Lisa said “I am currently on maternity leave in Wigan looking after my 11 week old baby and for that reason I was not in Westminster for last night’s vote.

“I firmly believe the Welfare Reform and Work Bill is a bad piece of legislation that will make life harder for people in and out of work, and push more children into poverty.

“I am deeply opposed to attempts to change the definition of child poverty and when I return to Parliament after the summer recess I will be taking up this fight against a Government who have knowingly made choices that have left a quarter of all children in Wigan growing up in poverty.

“I would never support a measure that pushes more children into poverty and unless this government abandons its plans I will vote against this Bill when it reaches third reading.”