Wigan MP Promotes Local Sports

Wrestling’s Parliamentary sponsor Lisa Nandy gave another enthusiastic endorsement to the sport, when she turned up at the British Senior Championships to present the prizes.

Lisa, the MP for Wigan, said she had ‘enormous respect’ for the top performers, and was confident that wrestling would benefit from increased profile in the countdown to next year’s London Olympics.

“I’m really pleased to be involved with wrestling,” she said, as she prepared to present the awards. “It’s a great sport with many merits, and I recommend it to anyone. The more people get to know about it, the more they appreciate it.

“I have enormous respect for the top performers: they are extremely fit athletes, very talented, and extremely dedicated.

“I am following the progress of our international wrestlers with great interest, and I am also enthusiastic about helping the sport in any way I can, and I happily commend it to anyone.”