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Coalition’s Cuts could cost Greater Manchester over 2,000 police officers

Following a statement by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, Lisa Nandy MP has warned that the Coalition’s cuts to public spending could mean literally hundreds of police officers will be taken off Wigan’s streets.

The Home Office has asked each police force to establish plans to make 25% cuts to their budgets. In Greater Manchester, this equates to 2,037 frontline police officers.

The Police Federation has already warned that the cuts will leave the streets less safe for law abiding citizens and that it will be ‘Christmas for criminals’ but it is yet unclear exactly where the cuts will have to come as details will not be announced until the October spending review. However, it has already meant a number of redundancies across the Service and a freeze on recruitment of new officers and will undoubtedly mean further losses in frontline and support staff.

Lisa Nandy said:

Theresa May claims that crime can be reduced at the same time as cutting the number of police officers. The last Government increased the number of police officers on our streets by over 1,000 and crime correspondingly fell by 32%. Not only is the Home Secretary’s statement illogical but it belittles the work of our police officers and flies in the face of the evidence of the past 13 years.

The coalition’s cuts to public spending will not only have an immediate and real impact in our communities but it will also harm any potential economic recovery by cutting jobs and taking demand out of the economy. I will continue to fight these regressive measures both in Parliament and on a local level in Wigan.

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Tory-Liberal Budget is unnecessary and unfair

Reacting to today’s budget Lisa said: “The Budget is regressive – it taxes the poor to soften the blow to the rich. Raising VAT to 20% will bring misery for low income families and pensioners. The Tories promised to protect children and older people but what they have given with one hand, they have taken away with another.”

Children were the big losers in one of the harshest budgets for years, losing child trust funds, taking a real terms cut in child benefit and finding their parents’ incomes squeezed by a series of tax hikes.

Lisa said: “leading economists are united in their view that the only effective way to pay off the deficit is by investing in jobs to generate income and growth. The Tories have chosen another path for ideologial reason, and I will fight them all the way.”

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Lisa Nandy expresses outrage in the House of Commons at Con/Dem Cuts to come to Wigan

In her second appearance in the House of Commons, new MP for Wigan, Lisa Nandy contributed to a debate on poverty and raised the issue of cuts that are to be brought to Wigan by the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

Cuts announced this week by the Department for Communities and Local Government amount to a staggering £2.92m in Wigan alone. Of this, by far the biggest cut will be to education, which comes to just short of £2m and is a clear reflection of the new Government’s attitude to education and social mobility in one of the UK’s most deprived constituencies.

Lisa made a strong case for preserving the SureStart centres in Wigan – Beech Hill and Ince – as this has been a major concern raised by many of her constituents. She also drew the House’s attention to the axing of the Future Jobs Fund and other measures which are likely to cripple the constituency:

“By taking away a scheme that guarantees a real and lasting paid job for young people who would otherwise not have one, we store up trouble for future generations. If we are not careful, we will leave a legacy every bit as devastating for future generations as the one that continues to blight so many children’s lives now. We must not repeat the legacy that was created in the 1980s and 1990s. I urge the Minister to think again.”

You can read the full speech from the debate by clicking here.

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