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Coalition’s Cuts could cost Greater Manchester over 2,000 police officers

Following a statement by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, Lisa Nandy MP has warned that the Coalition’s cuts to public spending could mean literally hundreds of police officers will be taken off Wigan’s streets.

The Home Office has asked each police force to establish plans to make 25% cuts to their budgets. In Greater Manchester, this equates to 2,037 frontline police officers.

The Police Federation has already warned that the cuts will leave the streets less safe for law abiding citizens and that it will be ‘Christmas for criminals’ but it is yet unclear exactly where the cuts will have to come as details will not be announced until the October spending review. However, it has already meant a number of redundancies across the Service and a freeze on recruitment of new officers and will undoubtedly mean further losses in frontline and support staff.

Lisa Nandy said:

Theresa May claims that crime can be reduced at the same time as cutting the number of police officers. The last Government increased the number of police officers on our streets by over 1,000 and crime correspondingly fell by 32%. Not only is the Home Secretary’s statement illogical but it belittles the work of our police officers and flies in the face of the evidence of the past 13 years.

The coalition’s cuts to public spending will not only have an immediate and real impact in our communities but it will also harm any potential economic recovery by cutting jobs and taking demand out of the economy. I will continue to fight these regressive measures both in Parliament and on a local level in Wigan.

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Wigan MP battling for the Tote

In a written ministerial statement released today, the Government has announced that it will kickstart the process for selling off the Wigan-based company, the Tote. The Minister announced that they will be inviting private companies to make proposals and expect to have completed the process by the New Year in order to secure ‘value for the taxpayer’.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy said:

“Yet again there is no mention of staff in the statement. The government’s top priority at the moment must be protecting jobs, with 1 in 14 people in Wigan unemployed. This process gives no certainties to the Tote and the 540 people it employs in its HQ office alone; it’s about time the vital support to racing given by the Tote was recognised and a solution that maintains that support and guarantees the long term future of the Tote was found.”

Not only do these plans fail to protect vital local jobs but I am at a loss to see how selling off an asset that is currently in profit can be considered value for the taxpayer in this tough economic climate. Last year, the Tote’s gross profit was a massive £155m. It’s clear that the Coalition is simply trying to balance the books in the short-term, without looking at the long-term consequences for Wigan.

Makerfield MP, Yvonne Fovargue and I have met with Tote board members and trades unions and will be working together to secure the best deal for staff and we will resist any attempt to sell the Tote to an overseas company. Rather than farming out work, we should be doing everything we can to ensure that profits are kept in Britain and local jobs are protected.”

Lisa Nandy has already tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament on the following lines and will continue to raise the issue with Government and on the floor of the House.

That this House is concerned that any decision involving the future of The Tote should, at the very least, encompass the principle of its assets being used to guarantee the future of horse racing in the UK and those who work within it or are dependent upon its activities and should not involve the closure or running down of its headquarters at Wigan.

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MP Lisa Celebrates 50 years of HJHeinz in Wigan

Local Wigan MP Lisa Nandy celebrated 50 years of HJ Heinz in Wigan by paying a visit to Wigan’s largest private employer.

Lisa met with Nigel Dickie, Director Corporate & Government Affairs, Andy Henderson, UK&I Logistics Director and Jaap Wilbers, VP Supply Chain, who extolled the virtues of being based in Wigan – skilled workforce, motorway accessibility, closeness to Liverpool docks and importantly access to clean water from the Lake District.

Heinz is a vital economic hub in the town providing jobs directly and indirectly as a result of its business activities. Heinz works closely with Unite the Union in developing employee skills through its learning centre, providing employees the opportunity to develop their career within the company.

Lisa said: “Heinz is a vital part of our town’s structure. The company has been here for 50yrs and has a long term view of the future in Wigan. Their activities provide jobs investment and opportunities for employees to develop. In the challenging economic times that lie ahead they are even more vital to the town’s future. The company ethos of listening and learning with their employees is a model for others to follow.

Speaking with Nigel and his team was a real eye-opener in the logistics of pulling this operation together. But the best thing the absolutely best thing is it’s all done here in our town Wigan.”

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Protecting Wigan’s Jobs

Lisa Nandy today welcomed Unite’s support for Labour’s plans to protect jobs and homes in the difficult economic climate. Lisa said, “protecting jobs must be the top priority for Wigan’s next MP. Both Unite and the Labour Party have made it clear – protecting jobs, homes and fair pay comes first. We must not return to the divisive policies of the 1980s and 90’s”. Launching the campaign, Unite 4 Labour the union said: “2010 is the year of decision. A Labour government pledged to supporting jobs, skills, growth, keeping people in their homes and tackling debt by getting people into work or a million public sector jobs going under the Tories and tens of thousands jobs in the private sector at risk.”

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