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£1.9m to come to Wigan’s Mesnes Park

Mesnes Park in the centre of Wigan, is to receive £1.9m in funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund to invest in the running and improvement of the green space.

The park, which was once meadow land and then home to two collieries before being opened to the public in 1878 will see the bowls pavilion and the lodge building restored, providing a community hub and a place where education workshops and gardening sessions can be run.

MP Lisa Nandy said:

“I’m delighted that the Lottery has chosen Mesnes Park for this award. It’s an area loved and much used by local people in Wigan, and the size of the grant will make a significant difference to one of our best loved green spaces.”

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Protecting nature for future generations

Lisa has pledged her support for the nature campaign run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

The letter, which Lisa has signed, calls for a strong economy with nature at its heart. Pursuing a sustainable economy rather than one based on over-development of the natural world will allow us to live within our ecological needs.

Lisa said: “I agree with the RSPB that governments should invest in a healthy economy and a healthy environment. As well as protecting jobs, I want to see them tackle climate change and protect our seas, countryside and wildlife.”

“Wigan is lucky to have some outstandingly beautiful natural areas. We must protect them for future generations. In years to come I hope they’ll be able to see that their world is a richer one because of the action we took today.”

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Promoting Animal Welfare

Lisa took some time out from the campaign trail to show her support for retired greyhounds this weekend. The event was a walk for greyhounds and their owners, organised by the Greyhound Rescue charity, and took place in the beautiful surroundings of Haigh Hall. Lisa said “I’m delighted to support this important cause. I am proud that Labour has a good record on animal welfare, banning cosmetic testing, hunting with hounds and other practices. Animal cruelty has no place in our society.” The Wigan Evening Post covered the story here.

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Lisa Nandy supports ‘Buy Local’

On Monday Lisa met with representatives from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to talk about business across the area and how the national economic situation has impacted Wigan. During the meeting Lisa was asked if she supports the ‘Buy Local’ campaign.

The answer is ‘Yes!’

The ‘Buy Local’ campaign encourages local residents to spend their hard earned cash in local shops and outlets. The idea was launched by councillors and local business leaders last year. From the local market to the corner shop, every pound that is spent in Wigan is a pound that is invested in our town and in our community.

Buying local supports local businesses, makes sure people have jobs to go to and makes sure wages in the area don’t plummet.

Lisa said:

‘It is important to make sure we have good local businesses who have the capcity to employ local people – buying local is one example of how we can all support local people and local jobs’

You can find more about the ‘Buy Local’ campaign here.

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