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Lisa Nandy marks Equal Pay Day with call for action

New analysis of official figures by Labour shows women in Wigan are being paid 82p for every pound a man earns.

The revelation comes as Equal Pay Day – the day that women across the UK effectively start working for free due to the gender pay gap – comes three days earlier this year because the pay gap is back on the rise under this Government. That means women will work for free for the next 57 days.

A Labour Government will ask big companies with over 250 staff in Wigan to publish their average hourly pay gap each year to expose whether men and women are being paid differently for doing the same work, and whether too few women occupy senior positions.

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s MP for Wigan, said:

“These shocking figures show the full extent of the gap in pay between men and women in Wigan. In David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Britain, not only do women get paid less than men, but things are getting worse. Only Labour will require companies to publish the hourly wage pay gap of their employees so that together we can take the steps to deliver equal pay for women and men across the country.”

Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities:

“Women are working an extra three days for free this year because the pay gap is back on the rise. Women shouldn’t have to wait another 50 years for Equal Pay which is why Labour will be calling a vote in Parliament to get big companies to publish their pay gap. If this Government doesn’t act, a Labour Government will.”

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Lisa Nandy issues call for volunteers at the British Heart Foundation

Lisa Nandy MP visited the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shop in Wigan to learn more about what the BHF is doing in the local community.  Every penny of profit raised in the BHF shop funds vital, life-saving research into heart disease.

The BHF shop is always looking for volunteers or donations and Lisa urged people in Wigan to pop in to see the shop for themselves.

The Wigan MP said: “It was great to meet the dedicated members of staff and volunteers that work at the Wigan BHF shop. The BHF is such a fantastic cause and the work they do is vital in the fight against heart disease.

“I’d urge locals to have a root around and donate any unwanted items to the shop or give the gift of time by volunteering.”

June Wrench Area Manager for the Wigan shop said: “We’re really grateful to Lisa for coming in and meeting the team. We’re always looking for stock donations, which are absolutely essential to the success of the charity, and play a vital part in fighting coronary heart disease – the UK’s single biggest killer.

“We’re also always looking for more volunteers, so even if you can only spare an hour, pop in to find out more information.”

Wigan’s BHF shop is always looking for unwanted items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, books, DVDs etc. 100% of the profits raised from donations helps the BHF  fight against heart disease and fund life-saving research. The shop offers a free collection service, call 0800 915 3000 for more information.

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What next for Labour?

Lisa set out her views on the future direction of the Labour Party at a conference organised by the Communication Workers Union last week.

Lisa said: “I was pleased to have an opportunity to set out the concerns that people have raised with me on the doorstep. During the campaign my team and I knocked on over 10,000 doors in Wigan.
“People told us they felt concerned about the lack of decent housing, employment rights and were concerned about their homes and jobs in the recession. People told me they valued public services and wanted to see them protected. Those concerns must help to shape the future direction of the Labour Party and inform the leadership debate.”
You can read the speech by clicking here.

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Lisa Nandy sworn in as MP for Wigan

Lisa was officially sworn in as the MP for Wigan today.

Even though the votes have been counted, MPs must swear in to officially hold office.

Once they have sworn in MPs are eligible to vote and speak in the House.

Lisa said: “I was keen to affirm as soon as possible, so I could get involved in debates and speak up for Wigan”.

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Setting up Office

Lisa has been getting stuck in to the work of being Wigan’s MP since she was elected in the early hours of May 7th.

Lisa’s first priority has been to make sure she has a local office that is up and running. The office at Gerrard Winstanley House, Crawford Street, is open with local people working there to help constituents with problems and enquiries. Lisa has also received a huge amount of correspondence about individual issues and problems in the last few weeks. She wants to let everyone know that she is looking at everything as soon as she can and everyone who has contacted her will received a response soon, she said:

‘It is fantastic that so many people want to get in touch. I am receiving hundreds of emails and letters each week so it is taking some time to get back to everyone but I promise I will contact people who have raised specific problems or issues with me’

Since the election, Lisa has spent time in both Westminster and the constituency. In Westminster she has been dealing with a number of tasks that will help her to be an effective MP for Wigan, including trying to find a desk, get access to a computer and Internet in the House of Commons and ensuring that all of the letters and send get through to her office. With over 200 new MPs and a change in government it takes a while for even office space to be allocated.

Lisa has found a few minutes to speak to BBC Radio Manchester and BBC North West to let constituents know how everything is going, what they can expect and what issues she thinks will be important in the coming weeks and months. Coverage will be available here soon.

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Election 2010

The results for the General Election were announced last night in Wigan, Makerfield and Leigh. Despite a difficult night predicted for the Labour Party nationally, Labour held all three seats.

Lisa said, “I would like to thank the people of Wigan for giving me the opportunity to serve them and the town.

“It is not yet clear what the country has chosen, but it is clear tonight that Wigan has rejected a return to the pain, inequality and despair of the 1980’s and 90’s, and I will work tirelessly to defend the services that matter to people in Wigan.”

You can read how the Wigan Evening Post covered the story by clicking here. The results of the Council elections are expected later today.

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Wigan Votes Today

Today is polling day for both the local and general elections.

Lisa said: “this is the most important election the country has faced for a generation. There is a clear choice: to return to the unemployment and home repossessions of the 1980s, or to protect public services under Labour.”

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm and you don’t need a polling card to vote. You can find your local polling station by clicking here or phone Lisa’s campaign team on 01942 239 565. Please don’t forget to vote Labour for Lisa and for your local council candidate!

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‘Vote for Students’ says Wigan’s Labour candidate

Lisa met with students at Winstanley College this week to talk about the upcoming election and the issues that concern them. The students asked a number of thought-out questions. Tuition fees were an issue with a number of people keen to enter higher education.

Lisa told students she had signed the National Union of Students’ pledge to oppose any increase in tuition fees in the next parliament. ‘I will continue to oppose any measure that makes it harder for young people in Wigan to go to university. Students are rightly concerned about coming out of university with debt hanging over them – we have to make sure that ability and the desire to go to university determine what a person does in life, not how much money their family has.’

Other issues that came up were giving young people the vote at 16, abolishing the civil list and giving young people free bus passes. Elderly people and and eligible disabled people already have access to free off-peak bus travel and students at the college thought young people in education should be given the same concession. Lisa supported the idea of making travel to and from college cheaper.

‘Education Maintenance Allowance was introduced by the Labour government to help young people from low income backgrounds stay in education for longer – and it has made a real difference – but I talk to a lot of young people who still struggle to balance their studies with part-time jobs and the costs associated with doing A-Levels, a diploma or other qualifications. Free bus travel would be a significant help to many young people in Wigan in completing their studies’

Lisa also wants to make sure that there are reliable and frequent transport links to get to school and college. If you would like to know more about the NUS pledge, click here.

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On the campaign trail – Hustings at Queen’s Hall Methodist Church

The first hustings of the election campaign took place last Monday with over 130 local people turning out to quiz Lisa and the other parliamentary candidates for Wigan.

The debate was lively and saw questions being posed on topics that ranged from national education policy through to litter and keeping Wigan’s streets clean.

Lisa thoroughly enjoyed the debate, saying:

‘Events like this prove that people really are interested in politics and what happens in their area. This was a great chance for voters in Wigan to raise issues that matter to them and I am delighted to have been invited – they definitely didn’t let us off easy, there were some great questions and a great turnout.’

A video of the debate is going to be available on the site soon – stay tuned!

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Lisa Nandy for Wigan

Lisa Nandy was selected as the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wigan on 3 February 2010. Wigan’s MP Neil Turner warmly welcomed Lisa’s selection. Read how the Wigan Evening Post covered the story here.

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