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Election 2010

The results for the General Election were announced last night in Wigan, Makerfield and Leigh. Despite a difficult night predicted for the Labour Party nationally, Labour held all three seats.

Lisa said, “I would like to thank the people of Wigan for giving me the opportunity to serve them and the town.

“It is not yet clear what the country has chosen, but it is clear tonight that Wigan has rejected a return to the pain, inequality and despair of the 1980′s and 90′s, and I will work tirelessly to defend the services that matter to people in Wigan.”

You can read how the Wigan Evening Post covered the story by clicking here. The results of the Council elections are expected later today.

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Wigan Votes Today

Today is polling day for both the local and general elections.

Lisa said: “this is the most important election the country has faced for a generation. There is a clear choice: to return to the unemployment and home repossessions of the 1980s, or to protect public services under Labour.”

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm and you don’t need a polling card to vote. You can find your local polling station by clicking here or phone Lisa’s campaign team on 01942 239 565. Please don’t forget to vote Labour for Lisa and for your local council candidate!

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Supporting Wigan’s Families

Labour unveiled its manifesto for families this week. Lisa said ““Looking after your family is the most important job you can do, and that’s why Labour has always made helping families a central part of government policy. We are committed to bringing forward more help for working families, including free childcare and more help for grandparents.”

The manifesto expands nursery provision, introduces a new ‘toddler tax credit’ and protects Sure Start and existing tax credits. Lisa added: “Only Labour is committed to Child Tax Credits and Child Trust Funds. I believe we should help all families – not only the worst off, but also those whose parents are working hard and still struggle to make ends meet. The other parties plan to cut hundreds of pounds of support each year for millions of children in Britain. As a former children’s charity worker I know how devastating that will be.”

To read Labour’s commitments to families click here.

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Promoting Animal Welfare

Lisa took some time out from the campaign trail to show her support for retired greyhounds this weekend. The event was a walk for greyhounds and their owners, organised by the Greyhound Rescue charity, and took place in the beautiful surroundings of Haigh Hall. Lisa said “I’m delighted to support this important cause. I am proud that Labour has a good record on animal welfare, banning cosmetic testing, hunting with hounds and other practices. Animal cruelty has no place in our society.” The Wigan Evening Post covered the story here.

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‘I Stand for Children’ says Lisa Nandy

Lisa pledged this week that if she is elected to Parliament on May 6th, she will ‘Stand for Children’ by backing the NSPCC campaign. People from across Wigan have written to Lisa asking her to sign up to the campaign, which can be found here.

The NSPCC asks candidates to sign up to:
ensure that vital child protection reforms are fully implemented and resourced, following the death of Baby Peter and other child deaths since
continue to fund helpline services for children, and for adults concerned about a child’s safety or welfare
tackle domestic violence from a child’s point of view
make the internet safer for children
strengthen the role of the Children’s Commissioner in England
provide resources for therapeutic services for children who have experienced abuse

Having worked at a children’s charity for 5 years, Lisa knows about the range of issues that affect children across the country, she said:

‘It is crucial that we do everything we can to protect children in their homes and those in care. We must make sure that all children have the chances in life they deserve. I have gladly signed up to the NSPCC pledges.’

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Facing tough questions from Wigan’s young people

Lisa was delighted to take part in a hustings event at Abraham Guest school. The newly built school features some amazing facilities and was a perfect setting for the question time event. Lisa said: “the young people in the audience told me that peer pressure, education, part-time jobs and relations with the police were among their top priorities. I hope to meet with them again if elected to support their campaigns. Their passion and dedication is something Wigan should be proud of.”

In addition to election candidates, the panel also featured Wigan’s Member of the Youth Parliament, Hollie McChrystal, and Russell Ainscough of Communic8, the forum for Wigan’s High Schools. The Wigan Evening Post covered the story here. Earlier this month Lisa also faced questions from students at Winstanley College.

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Lisa Nandy supports ‘Buy Local’

On Monday Lisa met with representatives from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to talk about business across the area and how the national economic situation has impacted Wigan. During the meeting Lisa was asked if she supports the ‘Buy Local’ campaign.

The answer is ‘Yes!’

The ‘Buy Local’ campaign encourages local residents to spend their hard earned cash in local shops and outlets. The idea was launched by councillors and local business leaders last year. From the local market to the corner shop, every pound that is spent in Wigan is a pound that is invested in our town and in our community.

Buying local supports local businesses, makes sure people have jobs to go to and makes sure wages in the area don’t plummet.

Lisa said:

‘It is important to make sure we have good local businesses who have the capcity to employ local people – buying local is one example of how we can all support local people and local jobs’

You can find more about the ‘Buy Local’ campaign here.

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‘Vote for Students’ says Wigan’s Labour candidate

Lisa met with students at Winstanley College this week to talk about the upcoming election and the issues that concern them. The students asked a number of thought-out questions. Tuition fees were an issue with a number of people keen to enter higher education.

Lisa told students she had signed the National Union of Students’ pledge to oppose any increase in tuition fees in the next parliament. ‘I will continue to oppose any measure that makes it harder for young people in Wigan to go to university. Students are rightly concerned about coming out of university with debt hanging over them – we have to make sure that ability and the desire to go to university determine what a person does in life, not how much money their family has.’

Other issues that came up were giving young people the vote at 16, abolishing the civil list and giving young people free bus passes. Elderly people and and eligible disabled people already have access to free off-peak bus travel and students at the college thought young people in education should be given the same concession. Lisa supported the idea of making travel to and from college cheaper.

‘Education Maintenance Allowance was introduced by the Labour government to help young people from low income backgrounds stay in education for longer – and it has made a real difference – but I talk to a lot of young people who still struggle to balance their studies with part-time jobs and the costs associated with doing A-Levels, a diploma or other qualifications. Free bus travel would be a significant help to many young people in Wigan in completing their studies’

Lisa also wants to make sure that there are reliable and frequent transport links to get to school and college. If you would like to know more about the NUS pledge, click here.

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On the campaign trail – Hustings at Queen’s Hall Methodist Church

The first hustings of the election campaign took place last Monday with over 130 local people turning out to quiz Lisa and the other parliamentary candidates for Wigan.

The debate was lively and saw questions being posed on topics that ranged from national education policy through to litter and keeping Wigan’s streets clean.

Lisa thoroughly enjoyed the debate, saying:

‘Events like this prove that people really are interested in politics and what happens in their area. This was a great chance for voters in Wigan to raise issues that matter to them and I am delighted to have been invited – they definitely didn’t let us off easy, there were some great questions and a great turnout.’

A video of the debate is going to be available on the site soon – stay tuned!

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‘Time to do your bit’ as Lisa Nandy pledges support for HM Armed Forces

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Wigan has pledged to do her bit for Britain’s Armed Forces. Lisa Nandy visited the new home of the Wigan Borough Veteran Council (WBVC) in Platt Bridge and met with veteran leaders in the borough.

The Royal British Legion has called on parliamentary candidates to support improved conditions for the British Armed Forces past and present and their families.

Mel Lee of the Ashton branch of the Royal British Legion said, “I am delighted that Lisa has pledged to do her bit. This is a great way of showing her support for the whole Armed Forces family.”

“Both the serving and ex-Service community need the support of politicians and our manifesto outlines practical ways the next government can help, and we hope that, if elected, Lisa will give it serious consideration”.

Lisa Nandy said, “I was really pleased to get my pledge card from the Legion. I know the work they do for the whole Armed Forces family matters not just to me, but to so many local people as well. It’s so important we all get behind them and that’s why I had no hesitation in pledging to do my bit.”

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