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Lisa Nandy Slams Boris Johnson for ‘Disgraceful’ Attack on the Unions

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has today criticised Boris Johnson’s proposals that would reduce the ability of workers up and down the country to take legitimate strike action.

The Mayor of London told Conservative Party Conference yesterday that he believed unions should only be allowed to strike if half of all members balloted voted.  What he neglected to mention to Conference was that he was elected in the London Mayoral elections in 2008 on a turnout of a mere 45%.

In a scathing comment this afternoon, Lisa Nandy asked if the Mayor of London would now be standing down as his position would be untenable under his own rules.

Lisa further commented:

It is every worker’s democratic right to strike and this has, in the past, seen some of the most restrictive, anti-trade union laws in the developed world at the hands of the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson is seeking to further restrict these laws and I will fight tooth and nail to protect trade union rights for my constituents against this disgraceful attack.

If members are balloted and choose not to vote, should those who voted in favour of strike action be ignored?  On that basis, almost every local election in living memory would be invalid, as would the results in several constituencies.

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Lisa Nandy Backs Workers at Wigan’s Oldest Factory

Staff at Rollins Bulldog Tools in Ince downed tools last week in reaction to management’s decision to freeze their pay for a further four years behind the rate of inflation.

Workers at the Darlington Street East plant had agreed to defer pay increases from 2007 and take a reduction in their working week from 37 hours to 24 hours in order to help the company through the recession. However, at its latest pay negotiations management refused to budge on a pay increase for this year.

On Friday of last week, members of Unite the Union were joined by Wigan MP Lisa Nandy who spoke to members of the picket line and offered shop stewards and reps her support in negotiating with management.

Lisa said:

“I was deeply concerned by what the workers told me. I met people who had given 25 years service to the company and clearly had not taken this decision lightly.

I have offered them my support to bring this dispute to a swift and satisfactory resolution.”

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Fighting for Workers’ Rights

Lisa Nandy has been holding the Government to account on a number of workers’ issues that will affect her constituents.

Along with Ed Miliband, Lisa has called on the Government not to backtrack on the Agency Worker regulations that were promised by the last Government.

Lisa Nandy said:

‘It is disgraceful that the Coalition Government is intending to prop up the two-tier workforce that has been in place in this country for too long. Agency workers should have exactly the same rights as anybody else in the workforce and I will be keeping up pressure on the Government to ensure their rights are protected.

In a recession, agency workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation – this is exactly the time Govwernment should be strengthening protection for agency workers, not undermining it.

I have been contacted by a number of people in Wigan who are very concerned about this and other measures that the Coalition Government are bringing in, including the public sector pay freeze.

I was appalled to learn, for example, that the Department for Work and Pensions – just one out of the many departments the Government runs – employs 576 staff outside London at a full-time equivalent salary of less than £13,737. Not only are the Government trying to trample over workers’ rights, but they’re paying their own staff at less than a living wage.’

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